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Inform and empower your approach to parenting, including how to navigate the special education process within your district and school. 

Understanding the IEP Process & Making Reasonable Request

Through this course, participants will better understand the individualized education plan (IEP) process and what it means to their child and family and learn about requirements to provide free and appropriate public education and related services. 

Additionally, participants will learn about what available to them and their child, how to request services and the timeframes that their request should be met. 

Navigating Available Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

This course provides parents a comprehensive overview of the resources available through regional, state and federal agencies. After completing this course you'll be able to understand where to go to request resources for your home, educational institution, community partners, and where to find resource professionals who provide support with social skills, and adaptive and independent living skills. 

At Home Behavior Management for Parents

This course establishes a foundation and understanding of the child's abilities versus disabilities. Parents, caregivers, family members, and siblings will learn how to respond to target behaviors and achieve the desired behavior. 

Parenting Fundamentals

This 3-hour workshop focuses on three core parenting responsibilities: 1) Your Role and Priorities as a Parent, 2) Time Management, and 3) Communication & Me Time. 

  1. Your Role and Priorities as a Parent: In this workshop, parents review the roles and responsibilities of parenting and how to prioritize them. Parenting doesn't come with a handbook, and each child is different, but understanding the foundation of the role makes completing the job and understanding the nuances of your child much easier. 

  2. Time Management: In today's busy world time management is key. In this workshop, participants learn time management strategies that focus on the whole needs of the parent, child, and family. 

  3. Communication & Me Time: This course reviews the very basic idea of communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and strategies for parents to build a healthy foundation for communication with their children, their partners, and family. Additionally, this course advocates the importance of taking care of yourself. It is impossible to adequately take care of others without taking care of yourself. 

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